Monday, March 31, 2008

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Hebrew U

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Researching an educational option for one of my children took me to Hebrew U. In our ongoing sights and life in Israel photo series, here's some from Hebrew University, Givat Ram campus, Jerusalem...

What is that funky symbol?

Hebrew U

Beautiful green sets off the Jerusalem stone in very standard university institutional style architecture.

Hebrew U

Grassy open spaces were enjoyed by lounging students (not pictured), who were studying or just hanging out in the shady spots.

Hebrew U

No university would be complete without a proliferation of odd artsy something-or-others. Hebrew U has its share.

Hebrew U

The students appeared a bit bohemian, the architecture a bit institutional, the Jersualem stone a bit boring, but the landscaping really does a great job of turning it into a very pretty campus. Just your basic University in Jerusalem.

Hebrew U

A few more photos in the full photo set, here.

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  1. That funky symbol reminds me of the statue of liberty and the torch. The artsy something-or-others remind me of dream catchers. Just my opinion. I love visiting your blog and reading the articles. You take really good photos too.


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