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Cut Down

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

In the midst of Spring, in the flower of youth, young flowers have been cut down. I spent the morning on a brief photography tour, learning some lessons of the outdoors and wild flowers.

While hiking the hill of Antiyochas ish Socho (from Pirke Avos), which has the ruins of the town of Antiyochas (a press, a sistern, steps carved in the rock, a home carved in the hill), I received a call from R. Nati. Distraught, a former neighbor's son was slaughtered, 16 year old Yehonatan Yitzhak Alder, to the arab murderers last night. He wanted to talk, we spoke for brief moments, then I continued up the hill of Socho (still known by that name).

We reached the top and our guide's phone rang. His neighbor's son was murdered by the arabs as well, Avraham David Mozes ben Naftali, a flower of youth cut down at 16.

The enemy entered a holy yeshiva, they targeted our future rabbis, they cut down our youth with no mercy. They came prepared to kill hundreds and stole the lives of 8 (severely injuring another 30!). The world cries out "Mercy to the poor palestinians", the palestinians place their children in front and cry "mercy, you wouldn't kill the innocent, would you?"

Wake up, this enemy knows no boundaries for life or mercy, nor holiness nor peace. Our mercy is killing us!

Here is some more info on the attack that I haven't seen reported elsewhere...

I write you this with a heavy heart. This evening, about 8:30 p.m., an arab terrorist from East Jerusalem, bearing a blue Israeli identity card, entered one of Jerusalem's elite Rabbinical academies, Mercaz Harav. He carried a package into the unguarded building where rooms full of young boys in their early to late teens sat pouring over the pages of the Talmud. Some of them had just returned from the Kotel. They were waiting for the festive evening - marking the beginning of the joyous month of Adar, the month of the holiday of Purim - to begin.

The terrorist headed for the library. He opened his package.

Inside was a gun and so many rounds of ammunition that security forces at first thought it was a suicide belt because of its enormous weight. He saw young, unarmed yeshiva students learning Torah and he opened fire at point blank range. In a room nearby, some older students heard the shots. At first they thought it might be firecrackers to welcome in the month of Adar. And then they heard the screams. Somehow, about twenty of them were able to rush out of the library and barricade themselves in another room. They heard the shots and the screams. They watched the shadow of the terrorist as he walked to and fro, silencing the moans of the wounded with further shots. They waited, expecting to be killed at any moment.

A yeshiva student in the dormitories, hearing the shots, took his personal weapon and opened fire on the terrorist, wounding him. (Older students, 18 or older who live in the West Bank or are in the army hester-yeshiva - part service part Torah learning - may be armed.)

From across the street, a former student of the yeshiva, a paratrooper and an officer, took his weapon and ran across the street. Because of his familiarity with the yeshiva, he was able to find the exact angle from which to fire at the rampaging murderer, shooting him in the head and putting an end to the carnage. He did this at great personal risk.

So far, we in Jerusalem are hearing reports that eight boys are dead, and many more are injured (last report says 30), some of them seriously (nay, critically).

We are hearing reports that the Hamas is giving out candy and rejoicing in Gaza. Hamas leaders are proud of this "hero."

This is the kind of heroes that muslims have. The kind that kill young unarmed (holy) students at point blank range. May G-d avenge their blood.


Update: Tehillim (Psalms) and prayers are requested for the following severely injured...

Yonaton ben Avital, Naftali ben Gila, Yonatan ben Avital, Shimon Ben Tirtza, Nadav ben Hadas, Reuven ben Naomi, Elchanan ben Zehava

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  1. if we do not rise up against the arabs , against the israeli gov't , against the golus - we will just keep dying merciless death.

  2. Sooner or later every Israeli will have to walk around with a gun. Thanks to the leftists who get their orders from Europe and U.S.
    When they throw rocket and attack Israel from Gaza, the army bombs them. What will the army do when Arabs inside Israel start killing Jews?

  3. Every able bodied Israeli should pack "iron"... not just the Religious but the non-religious as well. Every household should equipped as well. "Never Again!" meant "NEVER AGAIN!"

    Moshe Dovid

  4. They killed eight of our children yesterday and are happy. Our leaders do not identify or react to the enemy or its danger but rather insist the peace process must go on. How many of our children must die before we realize that no negotiation can resolve this problem or pacify this threat? How close to national death must we come before we stop our suicidal cooperation with our killers and their enablers? We must unite to rise against this mortal danger, against the threat to our existence. We must wage war against this grave peril that comes from the arab killers and those that betray us to them. There can be no compromise and no rest until we destroy the external and internal enemy. Israel, rise up! Sons of David, children of Samson, gird for holy war! We must wage war on the mindset of peace, alliance and compromise with those that kill our children. We must call on the G-d of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to intervene. Woe is on us that we are so intoxicated and ensnared by our daily involvements that we cannot defend our life.


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