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Blessed is Haman

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

I continue to try to remember that there is truth and reality, somewhere. But not here. Here in this world, we bless Haman HaRasha, the evil Haman who aligned all events to slaughter the Jews, who prepared for genocide.

Here in this world, US Funded Terrorist Group Fatah slaughters holy children in a holy place, but the UN does not condemn it nor the US de-fund it. Here in this world, "people" willing to sacrifice their own children (nay, eager to!) fire Iranian missiles from within schoolyards at our children, but the world condemns the return fire _because it's more accurate_ than the outgoing fire (massacre, massacre!!!)

There is a Midrash that says in the end of days, we will bring a sacrifice and they will bring a sacrifice, as in the days of Eliyahu (Elijah) HaNavi (the prophet). [In the days of Eliyahu, he challenged the priest of ba'alilalahaha to see who's sacrifice would be accepted, those who prayed to stone and idols, or the one who prayed to G-d.] Yet this time, their sacrifice will be accepted and OURS will be rejected. Facing the greatest test of our time, they will come to us and say, "See, our way is true and yours is false, now join us." Yet, those with true faith in Hashem will stand firm.

A great rav and tzaddik of Jerusalem spoke last week on this Midrash, saying it may not be as people expect (literal). Rather, we will sacrifice Jerusalem, and then we will see even that will not be accepted. Yet I think this week shows another even worse possibility. They sacrifice their children daily (moloch anyone?), and the world not only accepts it but applauds in and finances it! When, G-d forbid, our children are taken, their blood is not acceptable to the world.

This is the time of Blessed is Haman. Those who perform human sacrifice, torture, maim, defile, attack innocents, and are committed only to complete destruction and death, are accepted, lauded, funded, and cried over when not successful. Those who stand holy, follow paths of peace, kindness, charity, and loving kindness are condemned, insulted, spat upon, ignored, demeaned.

We must pray, do teshuva, put on sackcloth and ashes, gird our swords, and hope for Purim. For on Purim, perceptions reverse in an instant. Blessed is Haman and Cursed is Mordechai. For now.

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nava said...

don't talk like this even if you just want to bring out a point.

stay loyal to our holy Torah!

ברוך מורדכי היהודי
וארור המן (ימך שמו

Devash said...

Great post.

Akiva said...

Ahh, Nava, this came out of a dvar Torah I heard on Shabbat, and the question was, why do we have a mitzvah to drink until ad lo yada - baruch haman arur mordechai?

Anonymous said...

Hi Akiva,

could you please elaborate on this midrash ? Which midrash does it come from ? Did the Rabbi spoke on it ?

bestolux said...

No... talk like this. To not speak of such things in contemporary life is to deny the truth of Torah and our Holy Books.
Evil has threatened us forever. Mayem and murder did not begin in 1938. Pogroms did not start in 1948. Exile, pain, sacrifice of our children are part and parcel of who we are, what we are taught and what we face daily as Yidden.
Speak of it. Make Purim happen again, not in a drunken stupor, but with the dawn of every day.

Moshe Dovid

Gandalin said...

I agree with Moshe Dovid. It is time to make Purim happen again! We know that Am Yisroel is not governed by a mazal like the nations, but surely Purim is an auspicious hour.

But herein is where the unspeakable evil of the contemporary world is revealed: the Persian Emperor saw the evil of Haman's ways, yimach shmo, and he allowed the Jews to defend themselves. At least.

But the world's leaders today, they want the Jews to absorb these blows without even defending themselves.

In this, since Bereishis 12:2-3 is still active, they bring upon themselves a horrible curse. May we be spared the harsh judgments, and see the coming of HaMelech HaMoshiach in peace and mercy.

nava said...

נהפוך הוא
תרתא משמע????

Anonymous said...

Akiva, I don't know much. But I'm almost positive the mitzvah is to drink [mellow oneself] until you can't distinguish between saying "Blessed be Mordecai" and "Cursed be Haman" -- NOT, G^d forbid, reversing the arrangement of who should be blessed and who cursed.

I once read something to the effect that the point of "not knowing the difference b/tw 'Blessed is Mordecai' and 'Cursed is Haman'" is basically to realize that the "less pleasant" aspects of mitzvot are as essential as the "more pleasant" aspects. (E.g., the "flip-side" of the mitzvah of yishuv ha'aretz -- to drive out the hostile goyim -- is as important as the "nice" side of building yishuvim.)


Devorah said...

I think you should add a question mark to the title of your post.

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