Saturday, March 15, 2008

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Attacks Spread

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Shavua Tov! A good week...hopefully, G-d willing. With Purim this week, Mystical Paths normally turns to silly humor and a bit of wackiness, as is common during the time of Purim. Unfortunately, the situation in Eretz Yisroel is deteriorating significantly, and it's not being reported. Therefore, in the midst of a joyous season, and the hope of the final destruction of the spirit of Amalek from this world, we present you with news tidbits that must get out.

- The Jewish West Bank towns of Itamar, Bracha, and Elon Moreh have been partially cut off, as the arab town of Hawarah goes on the rampage. Daily stonings and molotov cocktail (fire bomb) attacks have become the norm. In one incident in which a Jewish driver attempted to defend himself by firing at those throwing fire bombs, he was interrogated and just avoided arrest by Israeli security authorities. (Because, you see, they had missed his car, you can only fire back if you're hit, at which point, it's too late.) Israeli security forces sit outside the town, ordered to do nothing.

- (Lazer Beams reports) Three Arabs tried to hijack an Egged #350 Mehadrin bus on its way from Ashdod to Bnai Brak. Thanks to Hashem and the lightning fast action of Ashdod's Police special forces, the 3 were seized. Rabbi Brody's wife and daughter were on that bus.

- Israeli arab citizens are stoning Jewish drivers on several major Israeli traffic arteries, especially those in the Israeli north. (Remember, these are stones the size of baseballs hurled at full force.) Travel to and from Teveria (Tiberious), Tzfat (Safed), Meron and the Golan have become dangerous as they pass through Arab majority areas. Israeli police have taken very limited action (out of hundreds of attackers and attacks, 3 have been arrested.)

- Travel in and out of Jerusalem to the Shomron (West Bank) has become a dangerous affair daily, as the arab village of Hizma is stoning the main road below. This road was relocated years ago to avoid passing through the village, though several village businesses relocated next to the road to sell their wares (polished marble and large garden pottery). Now, groups of residents come down the hill to stone the traffic as it backs up from the Jerusalem security checkpoint 1/2 mile ahead. Israeli security forces sit on the road below doing nothing. When queried why, they responded that no one had been killed yet, and they were permitted to take action only then.

- In the midst of the above, the media is keeping people asleep by reporting items such as this, "The political murder of an Arab public figure is a matter of where and when," Amir Mahoul, chairman of a committee for the protection of freedoms, told a conference put together by the organization in Umm el-Fahm (an arab city in Israel where Jew's fear to tread). "We are a group that is in real danger, and the state is responsible for this," he said. Mahoul said incitement against the Arab community is by Israeli Jewish leaders.

As Rabbi Brody wrote on Lazer Beams, "Rav Shalom (Arush, shlita) told me to say that the entire people of Israel are in grave danger. The IDF doesn't have the answer. The only thing that can save us is Teshuva, Hitbodedut, and spreading emuna far, wide, and fast. We appeal to all of our friends and readers to devote 10 minutes of your daily personal prayer to begging Hashem to have mercy on the people of Israel. There's no time to waste.

Amein, and may we truly have a Shevua Tov, a good week.

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  1. THANKS! I had no idea things had gotten that bad.


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