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by Akiva at Mystical Paths

After 3 days of Purim celebrations, it seems a shame to dive right back into politics. Yet, the urge to RANT at the RIDICULOUS news reports and "POLITICAL" statements is momentarily overwhelming...

RAMALLAH, West Bank (CNN) -- Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday it will take "painful concessions" from both Israelis and Palestinians to achieve the Bush administration's vision of a Palestinian nation alongside Israel.

This standard US refrain has been heard over the graves of Jewish concessions for years. Still burying them, still hasn't been a single 'concession' that has helped.

After meeting with Palestinian leaders in the West Bank, Cheney reiterated that the administration wants to see an "independent, viable, democratic and peaceful Palestinian state."

That's nice. Some people want to see the flying spaghetti monster. I consider that more likely.

"Achieving that vision will require tremendous effort at the negotiating table and painful concessions on both sides," Cheney said at the news conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. "It will also also require a determination to defeat those who are committed to violence and who refuse to accept the basic right of the other side to exist."

Oops, Cheney DIDN'T kiss their feet! This is actually an astounding statement from a US official. Perhaps the first time someone has kind of almost sort of taken the Pali's to task. Of course, that didn't stop Abbas from touting out the familiar...

Abbas thanked Cheney for the administration's financial support and commitment to a two-state solution, but the two men had notably different views on the obstacles impeding the peace deal. Abbas cited Israeli military operations and settlement expansions as the major deterrents to peace.

Yeah yeah yeah. Slaughtering budding Torah scholars in their holy yeshiva in Jerusalem couldn't have anything to do it with. Firing over 7,400 missiles and mortars at innocent civilians couldn't have anything to do with it. No no, it's those damn Jews building homes on empty rocky hills (pictures of miles and miles of empty rocky hills available on request).

Cheney homed in on the rockets that have been hurtling into Israel from Hamas-controlled Gaza. "Terror and rockets do not merely kill innocent civilians; they also kill legitimate hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people," he said.

Oops, another reasonable statement from a US politician. What's going on here? I bet Rice had conniptions after hearing this.

Of course, CNN itself couldn't leave this reasonable statement sink in. The reporter himself had to offset it as best he could, so he added this standard "bad Israel, bad Israel" fecal material...

Speaking before Cheney delivered his remarks, Abbas said Israel was at least partly to blame for the lack of progress in peace talks. "Peace and security cannot be achieved through settlement expansion, or erecting roadblocks around cities and villages, or military escalation against Gaza or continued incursions into the cities of the West Bank, or the arrests that have led so far to the presence of more than 11,000 Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israeli jails," Abbas said before Cheney spoke.

Israel's settlement activities have long been contentious. The country recently announced plans to expand settlements in and around the West Bank, prompting condemnation from Palestinian leaders.

Standard horse hockey. Some Jew had the nerve to build a house in Jerusalem, so we slaughtered 8 children. And NO, Israel absolutely DID NOT announce plans to expand settlements IN and AROUND the West Bank. Notice that funky language, "AROUND". What's AROUND the West Bank? ISRAEL!

They announced plans to build some homes in ... Jerusalem. Oh the nerve of those Jews!

CNN -> Gag me with a spoon.

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g said...

World's media blames Israel and supports Palestinian terrorism, therefore If Israel wants to get any support from the world, it has to behave like Palestinian and Arab bullies. And if they still blame Israel for everything, so what? they are doing this already!

Jon Saboe said...

As you may recall, Jimmy Carter once suggested to Begin that Bethlehem be set aside as a non-Jewish town, to which Begin responded (not a direct quote) how do you think Americans would react if you set aside Bethlehem PA as 'no-Jews allowed town'.

I am ashamed of our insipid state department, especially Condi's recent 'no-Jews allowed' section of Jerusalem.

Of course, I'm still trying to figure out how Jerusalem got on the list of 'Holy Sites' for Muslims anyway.

Anonymous said...

Cheney has nothing to loose. No re- election and not much longer in v.p. office... so he can say truthful statements.

And he should- especially if we are going to see the Obama presidency soon. He'll be the "new pharoh who didn't know Joseph".

So a sensible comment said over and over again will definitely not hurt. But will the press let it be heard?

Anonymous said...

obama in 7 months could be the end of american jewry !!! this guy is a polished smoothe speaking islam/ christian african american who could be real trouble ... ive never been so worried . i feel american jewry needs geulah as much as israel .Question to akiva the grasays geulah will begin in the north in kol hator,,, i heard he said north america is the last golut . North america is in the northern hemisphere oviousely . So geulah begins in america not israel ????????????//

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