Sunday, March 16, 2008


Action Announcement: March on Terrorist's House

Received via email, shared as a public service...

March to Demand Destruction of Merkaz HaRav terrorist's house

A week has passed since the massacre in the "Merkaz Harav" Yeshiva where eight of our dear boys were murdered by an Arab terrorist, resident of East Jerusalem.

The murderer's aunt has been quoted as saying that the entire family and the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabbel Mukhaber are proud of what he did.

Unbelievably, the house of the Arab terrorist has not been destroyed yet, even though in many other instances in the past, the Israeli government did destroy houses of terrorists. Why is this not being done now? How can the government not do the most elementary moral and punitive action after such a massacre, which is destroying the house of the terrorist and expelling his family and supporters?

In the absence of any effective government, it is the people who must show the way.

The bereaved families have called upon everyone who can to take action. WOMEN in GREEN and several other groups have joined the call of the bereaved families to demand that the government destroy the house.

WHEN? This coming SUNDAY, March 16th, 2008, at 5:00pm.

WHERE? Meet in Jerusalem on the Promenade (Tayelet) of Armon Hanatziv and from there march to the house in Jabbel Mukhaber. The more people show up, the more the demand to destroy the house will be listened to.

Even if you can't walk all the way, at least show up at the Promenade.

Buses to the Promenade: 8,12,7,74,30,163

Organized by bereaved families together with Komemiyut (Be Righteous), Halev Hayehudi (The Jewish Heart), Virashtem Otah (Inherit the Land), and Women in Green.


Anonymous said...

may hashem help you and my family will daven abit, we are far but close.avi

Anonymous said...

Please be careful and
may hashem protect you.

g said...

you will need English signs. it works better than hours of protesting. Its strange that Israeli protesters hardly ever use English signs. Arabic signs would be good News agencies are always waiting to condemn the Israeli right,but their lies and stories won't work if the signs are screaming the truth in simple words.(it dosn't need to be printed. just a marker and a piece of paper will work)

bestolux said...

There is no question that the world will be watching, typically with only one eye, so be careful. Notwithstanding, the house and family must go.

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