Sunday, February 24, 2008


What the.... ???

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

I received this email off a mailing list I subscribed to, completely unrelated to religious topics. All I have to say is, what the ??? Is this type of thought process going on for real in some US quarters? This came from a relatively reputable person in a position of public authority in a US Northeast state. It's unclear if this person was just forwarding other sentiments, or added some of their own...

2nd Amendment, Federal Government Actions Are Grounds For Immediate Secession

I was just down in Tennessee an few weeks ago and those boys are ready for Civil War, the rematch! Thought they were right the first time, and awaiting the word... And they are not alone.

Buddy of mine also suggested that if Obama wins its RaHoWa [editor's note, that's apparently a White Supremacist code word for Racial Holy War, which Wikipedia states "is the belief that white people should unite and undertake a holy war against Jews and non-whites."].

I was at the Apple store in (Northeast Democratic oriented state) and I gave one of their geniuses my card. Sharp fellow... He looked at me and asked: so, who's the best candidate? I paused a second for nausea, and said, well, one is evil, one is clueless and the other is McCain, so I don't know which is worse.

Surprisingly this genius suggested that, at least if the clueless one is in, hopefully his advisors won't be so bad.

Now as it applies to the below email...

Considering the above, and if the Supreme Court foolishly finds that somehow the people in the second amendment means something different than what the people means in all of the others (the individual, not the state), worst case scenario we will be asked to part with our firearms or ask ourselves how important they are to us.

From my cold dead hands... comes immediately to mind when I think about it. How many of us are ready and able to stand by our rights to the end? And to what cost? The price will be very high in any scenario.

We need to ask ourselves this. Those of you in the military and law enforcement need to ask yourselves if you (worst case scenario), will have the integrity and conscientiousness to do what is ultimately right, or violate peoples personal freedom like we saw in Louisiana.

What in the world??? This came out in the US Northeast on an ordinary mailing list.

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  1. I've heard several comments
    very much like the message
    you (Akiva) mentioned. I agree
    with the person who mentioned
    a "government out of control"
    whether that be local or federal

    There have been several proposals
    to simply abrogate the RKBA (2nd
    amendment in the US) recently.

    See JPFO's
    "Innocents Betrayed" for where
    that can lead. cycjec

  2. Though I am not Jewish, I am a life-member of a Jewish group that actively works to prevent genocide and slavery: , as referenced in the previous comment. Think about where your road leads.

  3. Back in 1965, when I was a lad of 14, I could have sent a postal money order thru the mail and received in return, delivered to the mailbox on the front of my house, a .38 revolver and a couple of boxes of ammo for it. Thru the entire series of transactions, not a single law would have been broken. (I grant you, my mother might have had some serious words for me...)

    Currently, I can not legally buy a gun thru the mail, nor buy one outside my own state, am required to fill out permanent Federal forms under penalty of perjury before obtaining any new firearm, and must have each transaction individually approved by the FBI. If SCOTUS now finds that I don't actually have any constitutional right to obtain or use one at all, then we have descended that final step to virtual slavery.

    I am a VietNam veteran. My father fought in WWII. Both my grandfathers were volunteers in WWI. We, our friends and our sacred dead did not shed literally rivers of blood so that our children could serve contentedly in a police state.

    Yes, "this type of thought process" is going on in many areas of the US right now...and will continue for some time. How it eventually works out will depend on just how much contempt a majority of government functionaries at all levels really feel for their "customers".


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