Thursday, February 28, 2008

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A Visit to Lod

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Lod, Israel is not the kind of place that you wander by for a tourist visit. It's primary claim to fame is probably that Israel's airport is officially within city limits. It's unusual among Israeli cities, in that it's a town with a mixed Israeli Jewish and Israeli Arab population, both of which were much in evidence.

I wasn't there for an extended visit, but what I saw was an industrial town, a somewhat poor town, but with many synagogues and yeshivas...

A main drag area, palm trees always spruce things up...

Lod Israel

A mix of some new buildings, old buildings, and workshops dotted the area...

Lod Israel

Things like transmission towers and junction buildings were also mixed in. However, a nice California like greenery offered a redeeming feature...

Lod Israel

Not too bad from the distance, closer up shows an area that's hurting...

Lod Israel

Unlike other areas I've been, neither the taxi drivers I dealt with nor these area residents in the middle of the day seemed on the go...

Lod Israel

(Faces intentionally blurred to protect privacy.)

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