Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Shomer Shabbos

Commentor Sheron wrote the following,in response to Defending the Torah vs. Loving Your Fellow...

...Many years ago when I was not Shomer Shabbos (not Shabbos observant) I drove to Jerusalem to visit a friend. At the entrance to Jerusalem, near the traffic lights that were in the middle of the road, sat an old charedie ("ultra-orthodox" religious) man. He was shaking his finger at every car that passed. He did more to remind me of what it means to keep Shabbat than any person chasing a car and yelling 'Shabbos'. His quiet protest. The effort that he made to gently chastise us "koffrim" (rebellious ones) brought many back. True Ahavat Israel (love of your fellow).


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