Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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Prime Humor, Prime Disaster

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

(JPost - Feb 18) Olmert praised the 2005 disengagement from Gaza. "Despite the [continuing] Kassam fire, it was a very good move since there are no longer 30,000 soldiers protecting 1,200 citizens," he said.

Olmert mentioned Sunday's decision by a ministerial committee he led to approve a budget of NIS 350 million to fortify 3,600 Gaza belt homes against Kassam rockets.

Further, a significant amount of money is being invested for the completion of the Iron Dome anti-Kassam system, currently under development by Israel's Rafael (Armaments Development Authority), the Prime Minister said Monday.

Ha. HaHa. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa. ROFL. This is a joke, right? I mean, it's Purim Katan (the small Purim in a 2 Adar month year), so this is a Purim Shpiel, right? It's got to be.

I mean, previously there were 1,200 idealistic zionistic citizens PROTECTING 30,000 citizens that were in Gaza attack range They SPLIT the enemy, preventing large scale attack coordination, they BUFFERED the country, acting as a close target, they provided LOCAL jobs, pumping up the Arab civilian economy which somewhat kept the population focused on normal life, and produced $500 million in exports.

Sharon and Olmert ended all that, destroying the efforts of 1,200, pulling out the supporting 30,000 soldiers, and ended up with 30,000 civilians under constant enemy bombardment. Now there are 30,000 internal refugees and/or shell shocked civilians, a need to spend NIS 350 million on fortification, tens of thousands daily on air force attacks, and hundreds of millions on futuristic defense systems of questionable value (stopping a $3,000 rocket with a $300,000 anti-rocket can be somewhat of a long term problem).

But those 30,000 soldiers are no longer at risk, and we gained peace. Oh wait, no we didn't. We got 30,000 civilians under attack, and have spent NIS 1 billion in costs, FOR A FALSE VISION IN THE NAME OF FALSE IDEOLOGIES.

And they still are holding up that vision. They are either deluded or consummate lier's (or both).

BTW, I thought the job of soldiers was to protect the citizens, not the other way around???

UPDATE: Rivka commented,

Where does the 1200 citizens figure come from? There were at least 8000 people living in jewish communities in Gush Katif - did Olmert actually say 1200? (and if yes, did no one challenge it?)

That is how he is quoted in the article, so yes it appears to have been him saying it. And no, it appears no one challenged him on it. Even I bought it.

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