Thursday, February 28, 2008

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In Range

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Rafi at Life in Israel writes of his trip to S'Derot, and literally being under Kassam fire yesterday.

I live, oh, maybe 30-40 miles from S'Derot. I also live within Kassam range of the Shomron-Yehuda (West Bank). People are going about their business, Shabbos shopping & preparations are in progress. We don't feel our brother's pain.

A friend called from America, frantic in hearing the reports of what's going on. He lived in S'Derot for a while, couldn't take it anymore. He called from Texas. He knows their pain first hand, he feels it, but couldn't stay with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday evening the bus drivers were talking about it, the taxi drivers were talking about it, and the missiles fell. The world news shows pictures of poor palestinian families in anguish because terrorists were launching from their yard and their homes got hit in return fire. The news didn't mention that.

It also didn't show pictures of the shell shocked residents of S'Derot. It didn't show the 10 year old Jewish boy who had his arm blown off (it's just a flesh wound after all). And it won't show the funerals and bereaved Jewish families of the student and father and child killed in the last two days.

Ban Ki Moon (UN Secretary General) decries the cycle of violence! Give me a break, they shoot and shoot and shoot, and when Israel finally shoots back it's decried and a cycle of violence. They don't decry the daily shooting of missiles at a civilian population (that's called a war crime by the way). They decry the disproportionate response. They're right, Israel ISN'T responding proportionately, as that would require targeting civilian areas and firing 2,500 artillery rounds into them.

Rice announces she's rushing over to re-engage the piece process (yes, piece, not peace). If you utter a lie 1,000 times, does it make it true? She's going to talk with Abbas, who has no power in Gaza and who said today "well, maybe we'll go back to war." The peace process is Israel sits quietly and bleeds quietly until people die (note destroyed lives, a shutdown town, a destroyed economy, a traumatized populace, and hundreds of injuries aren't enough, it's got to be literally a blood sacrifice).

We have no one upon whom to rely except for our Father in Heaven. I can't believe these fools even believe their own words, all I find for them is disgust. The news misrepresents the truth, taking true pictures and true tidbits but twisting it to give a story thats all lie. The politicians, well, they're interest and objectives certainly aren't truth or justice, or even peace. It's whatever they need to do to promote their political objectives, and personal ones.

Truth only remains in the four cubits of Torah.

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