Monday, February 11, 2008

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Holy Veggies!

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

The first shemittah vegetables are starting to show up in the market. These are the ones that have had the majority of their grown in the shemittah, the 7th year of rest for the land.

The label on this package of potatoes reads:

Otzar Beis Din - The Organized Jewish Court

Shabbos Ha'Aretz - The Rest Day of the Land
"And it was for you to eat."

These veggies where gathered for the Otzar Beis Din from the fields of Jewish farmers that followed the requirements of the Beis Din from the 6th year, and there is no concern of the prohibition of s'fichin (a prohibition against gathering produce in one's field which grew of it's own accord [from seeds that fell in the 6th year] due to concern that some would sow in the 7th year and proclaim it to be fallen seed).

They were strictly supervised, and there is no concern of them being mixed with produce that violates shemittah (a farmer who intentionally sows his field in the 7th year and brings the produce to market or into his own home).

These veggies have the kedusah (holiness) of the 7th year, they should be used for regular eating and it's prohibited to waste them (such as using them for non-food purposes, say a decoration).

According to the decision of the Beis Din, the cost of this item is prohibited to be beyond the normal market price for these vegetables.

Holy french fries, batman.

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