Saturday, January 26, 2008

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A Tidbit of Media Honesty - Gaza

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

For days, Hamas and the world media have given us stories of the horrible plight of Gaza blackouts (with photos taken DURING THE DAY) and the horrible situation of a 'contained population'. The horror of the Israelis in preventing the Gaza population from buying big-screen TV's (oops, did I just say that) has been regaled to us daily.

Until a few taglines on some photos at the NY Times accidentally leak out the true story...

Those aren't Israeli troops facing those poor souls, those are Egyptian troops. NY Times: Egypt Attempts to Secure Border. Egypt moved to restore its border with Gaza on Friday, stationing border guards and riot police to try to block Palestinians from entering, but Palestinians used a bulldozer to knock down another portion of the wall. But why? I though it was the Israelis doing the blockading and causing the horrible suffering of high priced cigarettes???

Oooh, Ouch, nasty Israelis beating up poor oppressed Palestinians? Umm, nope... NY Times: Egyptian border guards and riot police officers clash with Palestinians. There were clashes throughout the day, with episodes of rock-throwing. Where's the world outcry, poor Palestinians being beaten by oppressors. Oh wait, not Israelis, can't be oppressors I guess.

Oh no, poor innocent girl running for her life from nasty Jews. Or NOT... NY Times: Egyptians fired guns into the air and aimed water cannon above the heads of the crowd to keep them back. The new breaches in the wall were large enough for cars and trucks to drive through, and Egyptian guards then retreated. This is a favorite media picture, catch the innocent in the crossfire and show how terrible the security forces are. But why aren't they talking about the terrible security forces this time??? Are security forces only terrible when they're Jewish?

Now we get a better picture, violent mob overwhelms security forces, who aren't quite willing (yet) to mow them all down. And, for the first time ever, MEDIA HONESTLY... NY Times: Numerous times in the past, Egypt has used force, ranging from water cannons to automatic rifle fire, against Palestinians who have breached this border, and the government will be calculating when its effort to respond generously to a crisis veers into instability or chaos. Nor does Egypt want responsibility for servicing the population of Gaza, removing the burden from Israel.

There you have it, for the first time ever, the media acknowledges that the Gaza border is kept SEALED by EGYPT to keep a BURDEN on Israel.

The suffering of 1.5 MILLION people is IRRELEVANT to Egypt and the world media, as long as it creates a burden on Israel.

Now, having cultivated and helped create a BURDEN, watch, when they are faced with it they will have no problem just mowing it down to get it back under control. The media may report "Egypt takes 'strong' steps to regain border control" as hundreds or thousands are killed. But G-d forbid it would be Israel defending herself, then what do you think they would report?

(Credits: NY Times Photo Expose' - Egypt Attempts to Secure Border.)

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