Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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There Was a Spiritual Battle Today

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

There was a spiritual battle today...

In the "old days", we read of chassidic stories, and non-chassidic ones even older, of tzaddikim who were informed of a gezira (a verdict) in shamayim (heaven) against the Jewish people. Maybe against a town, or a city, or even all the Jews of a country.

"Seeing" such a verdict being prepared, the tzaddikim would storm heaven to rescind or tear up the decree. They would not come alone, but with their yeshiva or talmidim (students) or chassidim (chassidic followers). The followers were usually not informed of what was going on (at least not before or during), but simply engaged to maximize intense prayer, tzedakah, and good deeds. And, we are told, sometimes decrees were overturned. Small ones affecting towns (Jewish population), and even big ones affecting whole countries (Jewish population).

But you don't really hear about such things happening today...

Today, a call went out from a tzaddik on the Eida Charedit to another tzaddik. A gezira against Am Yisroel is being raised. The whole yeshiva must come with me to the kever of our holy tzaddikim and pray for Am Yisroel.

100 holy men headed to mikvah, loaded up into their cars, and headed down the hills of Jerusalem. They came to their destination and climbed a mountain to a holy kever barely accessible by car (many climbed by foot, which was safer than going by car), and spent 6 hours praying for Am Yisroel on a mountaintop by a holy kever. They fasted the day, as they cried out to Our Father in Heaven, Abba, protect and save Your children!

At the end of the day, the tzaddik led them in the minchah prayer. Mission accomplished (we hope, we pray!), they broke their fast and headed home.

Ribono Shel Olam, protect and save Your children, Your land, and Your holy city!!!

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