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Shabbos Shirah

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

Shabbos Shirah for us Breslover's was and is a special Shabbos. In the time of the Rebbe all the Chasidim would come to Breslov to hear the Torah of Rebbenu. This was always a time of Him giving over a lesson, whether he was at home or on his travels, the chasidim would come to hear. The major lessons given on these Shabbosim were Likutey Moharon #9 in 5563, #38 in 5562, #62 in 5565, #71 in 5570. Some say the story Master of Prayer was also taught on Shabbos Shirah. On Shabbos Shirah 5563, Likutey Moharan 9 was said while traveling. In it the Rebbe discussed prayer based on the pasuk from Shemos 15:5, connecting it with the Torah reading of the day. The Rebbe himself wrote down the lesson.

During this time the Rebbbe saw a vision of the Baal Shem Tov, and gave over the concepts of the lesson's of #9, 112, and said they were connected with the vision.

Another time on Shabbos Shirah 5565, the Rebbe was in Medvedevka. His daughter Chaya was four years old. (She later was to marry the grandson of the Baal HaTanya). She had a sty in her eye and was in much discomfort. The Rebbe then taught the lesson 62, which speaks of the "Beautiful Maiden" that had no eyes. Through this she was healed.

This week we were to say parshas Hamann, a segulah for parnasah. And this is the Shabbos that we read the song at the sea.

"It happened that when Paroh sent out the people that Hashem didn't take them by the land by the way of the Philistines, for it was near,..." R'Chananel cited by R' Bachya, there is another reason for the decision to lead the nation through the desert. Hashem wanted us to be in circumstances where we would constantly see nissim in order to survive. This would be our schooling in emunah. We would see through the manna, the well of water, the constant protection from the elements clouds of glory, and so on, that the overwhelming presence of Hashem, and His omnipresence and that He is all powerful. As a result of this national historical fact, we would have what to look back at and know "that all is in His hands". The lesson is that our survival is impossible without Divine intervention. As is evident now as we stand at the gate of geulah. 'On only Him can we and must rely'.

Reb Nosson says in Likutey Halchot on this parsha, Hashem took them around about way, Rashi says that he took them from the short simple to crooked longer way? Before the light there is darkness. And before the geulah there is suffering. And before Eretz Israel there is galut.

"How is it possible that Hashem can send us so far from Him, and expect us to follow Him? It is that WE CHOOSE, with our free choice to serve and follow Him! Even when we are down and low, and even here in Israel when we are so far from His Torah, even now today we live in the land and govern ourselves like goyim.

How is it that we can miss His hand in our lives? It is night, the darkest of all the nights and the dawn is coming we just have to wait a bit longer.
The things that are happening here are hard but we must focus on the truth, that He and He alone supports and protect us.

What this week happened to me and others is real, and if I were not a man of emunah I would have been really worried. If here with all the kedusah we can not manage, how does He expect us in galut to survive spiritually? You see, we are on a mission to collect all the sparks that have been spread throughout the world and bring them back here to Him. We were never meant to stay in hutz la'aretz (outside the land), we could and can end the galut now if we choose! The people that are in katnut (spiritual comma) are not able to take out the sparks by themselves, because of sin and lack of faith. Someone who is tamei and dirty and down in the mud of this world is now part and parcel of the mud. 'He in effect is the mud'. He needs an 'Ish kosher the Tzaddik Emet, the Tzaddik of the Dor', he who is clean and clear of mind, only he can to raise up all the people, (ie. someone who is in prison can't release himself it takes someone to let him out). He alone has the power to release and raise up the people with these sparks. That's why Hashem took us on the round about way so as to raise up all the sparks. All the battles and trails in the midbar were for us at this time to look back at and strengthen ourselves to stand the test of fire that is coming. Please Hashem help us on the day we call!

I ask all of you to join us here in prayer for the seven young girls who are being tortured for their faith. And to strengthen the Tzaddkim of the Dor, as to help them to release us from the mud.

Shabbot Shalom

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