Monday, January 14, 2008

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Return of Simple Jews

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

This afternoon, I bought a washing machine from another Jew. He was a police officer, special tactics unit, and he was preparing to move (and therefore selling some items).

He didn't appear to be a religious Jew ... a police officer, shaved head, no kippah, macho looking guy. But he offered me a drink, he asked me a question about a hebrew/english kitzur shulchan aruch (abbreviated code of Jewish religious law) he had on his table, and when I mentioned how fortunate it was that he was moving out just as I was moving in, he responded, "toda l'Ale" - thanks/praise to G-d.

In Israel, you still find what has disappeared elsewhere, a man of simple faith, who knows and appreciates that things are organized and directed by Hashem and isn't afraid to state that. He may not be wearing a kippah, but he appreciates G-d every day.

Israel has many merits, and the simple Jew is a big one of them.

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