Friday, January 11, 2008

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Jerusalem Update

by Akiva & Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

On entry to Jerusalem this morning, every single car was closely searched. By men, in black, with machine guns. They opened the doors, pointed the gun right at me and my daughter, and ran the barrel up and down our sides (checking for weapons, or just intimidating). For my daughter I objected to the rather inappropriate treatment. They offered to prevent me from going in, or to shoot me if I'm any more trouble.

As we waited for Bush to pass by our yeshiva, some local children decided to enjoy a moment on the traffic free road (which is always normally busy). The police took out their billy clubs and immediately went right after them. They were not fooling around.

I have a son who attends school in Bet El. As his bus traveled to school this morning, it was tracked along the road by a US Army Humvee with a 50 caliber machine gun turret. Very threatening, Jewish school bus with children. Later in the day, as the boys went up to the school fence to see what was going on in Ramallah (the back side of Bet El faces Ramallah, where US President Bush was declaring a guarantee of the creation of Palestine today), there were US soldiers in full battle gear who tracked the boys with their weapons and laser targeting dots. A teacher saw this and went up to the fence to yell at the US soldiers. This drew him 4 dots on the head.

The thing is, those soldiers were right. Bush truly has more to worry about in the success of his Palestine plan from those who are learning Torah than from those who know how to fire an AK-47 or RPG.

By the end of the day, it had all vanished as if without a trace. The security was gone, the roadblocks gone, and the President, having done what he came to do, went on his way. In the meantime, S'Derot Jewish residents got a triple load of incoming missles today. And ... No ... One ... Cares

I spoke briefly with a shopkeeper today, who asked me what Bush was doing. I responded, he's president of the US, he's doing what he thinks makes sense for the US, he doesn't care what that means to Israel. Right, he said, but what about Olmert, why doesn't he care what happens to Israel? Wow, I said, that's a good question.

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