Friday, January 11, 2008

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Bizzare, not Bazzar

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Neshama wrote...

That is just too bizare for words. Your poor daughter! BE"H I hope she is able to get through this ok.

Does "this man" bring all this threatening apparatus to EVERY nation he visits? Will he do the same in Saudi Arabia, in Abu Dabi or wherever else he is going? And do they threaten all innocents the same way? Is he trying to send the Pals an unspoken message?

Or is this message for the Israelis, so they don't even think about going against what "this man" wants them to divide, rip apart, uproot, abandon? Oh, and he says it will be "painful for us."

I think "this man" is sending some kind of gigantic message by terrorizing yidden in this way. Do you really think it was warranted? What is going to happen to the psyche of the ordinary Israelis? I mean, little children playing in the street in Geula (or wherever) get the Gush Katif Treatment?!!!!

I actually toned down the experience a bit, it was R. Nati's, not mine. (Note the post has two authors.) His son had the soldier experience, the shopkeeper experience was mine.

There is a select group of security forces here who are specifically trained to divorce themselves from the population, see themselves as elite servants of the government, and they are actually trained to brutalize. This was instituted by Rabin, and ramped up to a much higher level under Sharon.

Two groups clash with them regularly. The national religious / settlers, who are targeted at times and continue to push into expanding into the Land (the mitzvah of yishuv ha'aretz, settling the Land) and get beaten back. The other is the charedim, the ultra-orthodox, who minimally recognize the civil government. They (we) get beaten up whenever the government crosses religious lines or community boundaries, and since they (we) aren't going to reduce their (our) commitment to Torah values, you get repeated confrontations in these areas.

This was not the work of the US government, this was the work of the ISRAELI government. You even have the Israeli courts (which are very very left wing) turning free people arrested on trumped up charges now. The executive government is divorcing itself farther and farther from the people.

Regarding the result of Bush's visit, we see the declaration and what's today's headlines? CITIGROUP, MERRILL LYNCH Seek More Foreign Capital...GIANT WRITE-DOWN OF $15B. AMERICAN EXPRESS to Take $440 Million Charge; cardholders failed to repay debts. US Federal Reserve prepares "aggressive" interest rate cuts. Gold soars, dollar continues to fall in value.

Something about Nero, Rome and Fiddling comes to mind.

The photo (by Akiva), a sign on Route 1 through Jerusalem headed West, reads: OLMERT, my mother would be alive today if there was a hospital in Ashdod. This type of political speech is allowed. If it read "if you stopped the attacks from Gaza", it would be illegal or at least not accepted by the advertising company.

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