Friday, January 18, 2008

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Are We (Gasp) Extremists?

Empty Shomron

Empty Shomron
by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Ahhh, extremists, run for your lives, ahhhhhhhhhhh!

(Commentor on LGF) Although I'm still a strong supporter of free speech I find my self being cautious about who I'm willing to support. Lionheart and Vlaams Belang have made me think twice. Are my concerns justified? Is Israel just cracking down on extremists and Kahanists?

(Commentor on LGF) I agree that it's a bad idea to yield on free speech. But it's also important to know who you're defending. I'm just wondering if some of these Israeli bloggers are extremists. It does have a bearing on how vigorously I'll defend their rights.

Do not adjust your channel. We control the volume, we control the picture. We control your mind... (1960's US cultural reference, The Outer Limits)

The first step to taking control of the situation is to redefine it in your terms. Good is bad, right is wrong, black is white.

People peaceably living on EMPTY land they bought are settlers, and if they don't freely run away at the drop of a hat (in other words, if they are actually invested in their homes, or even worse believe in something) are, gasp, extremists.

Murderous barbarians who target innocent civilians and specialize in women and children are gunmen, militants, or even freedom fighters. Peace is surrender and arming your enemy.

Winning a defensive war is occupying land (that those who lost it won't take back!), attacking an enemy firing missiles at you from a residential building is attacking innocent civilians, and hitting them without killing civilians is a massacre.

There are honest people in the world who actually consider these matters and don't simply eat up whatever the mainstream media feeds them. Most people, however, can't be bothered to pay attention.

We believe in the words of the Torah, the Navi'im, the Kesuvim. We hold by the mitzvot of Hashem, the majority of which deal with the Land of Israel and the Holy Temple. We do not adjust to the political position or media position of the moment.

So, according to them and those who can't be bothered to make their own decisions, yes, we are extremists.

(Original photos by Akiva of the Shomron, West Bank, Israel, within the last month. The VAST majority of the West Bank looks exactly like this, empty and relatively barren.)

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