Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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Zionism and Judaism

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

My friend Ted Belman over at Israpundit wrote a great article about the War on Zionism...

Post Annapolis, the Palestinian Authority made it crystal clear that it will never recognize Israel as a “Jewish state”. Furthermore, it made it crystal clear that it will not compromise on Jerusalem making it a capital offense to do so...

Do not think for a moment that these entrenched Arab positions are negotiable. They aren’t and never have been. Ever since Theodor Herzl wrote The Jewish State in 1896, the Arabs (with one exception) have opposed it.

Bat Ye’or wrote in her monumental study, The Dhimmi, "In the historical Arab context, Israel represents the successful national liberation of a dhimmi civilization. On a territory formerly Arabized by the jihad...a pre-Islamic culture has been restored to life..."

Once a region has been conquered for Islam, it is always Islamic and must be re-conquered from the infidel, regardless of the passage of time. This is the core of the conflict. Palestine “must be re-conquered from the infidel, regardless of the passage of time”. Thus Israel must be destroyed.

But both Ted and the author he quotes make a fatal mistake. Dhimmitude is NOT an Arab thing, it's an Islamic thing. This is not a battle of culture, it's a battle of religion. Foreigners are accepted in Arab cultures, foreign MUSLIMS. What are not accepted is xians, Jews, or the local religions bahai and zoroastrianism.

When Zionism was strong, a vibrant national movement, it was opposed by Palestinianism, an invented nationalism of it's own. It all appeared political. But as Zionism has faded away (like the Kibbutz movement, among the non-religious it's simplistic hollow values couldn't be transmitted to a third generation), it's political opposition has faded away (as we see the classic PLO dissolving) and been replaced with a full force religious opposion (in the form of Hamas).

In other words, the truth has come out. There is no War Against Zionism, there is a War Against Judaism, the Jewish People, the Holy Land, and G-d and His Torah. There are physical aspects to this war, but ultimately it's a spiritual war. And we can't afford to miss that point and fight the wrong war.

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yaakov said...

i think the religious 'spark' of zionism lives even in the secular jews. this is something rav kook knew very well, better than the rest of us! to me, the big question is how to ignite that spark among the non or ch'v anti-religious in israel.
any thoughts on that? i think it would make a very good posting.

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