Sunday, December 16, 2007

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Strange History Tidbit

From Shamrak News...

Mystery Mountain, Los Lunas, New Mexico. That's where a fascinating find was discovered with the Hebrew inscription of the Ten Commandments engraved on a giant rock. What is amazing about this find, is that the ten commandments were written in a Hebrew script that is so ancient, it may last have been used around the time of the Babylonian expulsion. This means it could have been written between 2,500-3,000 years ago! How did this script, as well as the text of the ten commandments, wind up in New Mexico, so many centuries ago?

Over two thousand years before Columbus "discovered" America there were people of Jewish origin in New Mexico worshiping the God of Israel. How can this possibly be reconciled with known history? It is seemingly apparent that the financial backing to launch a Hebrew-Phoenician voyage of world exploration could have readily occurred during the reign of King Solomon of Israel. Solomon worshiped the true God of Israel and had the means to fund explorative voyages to other lands.

Hmm, interesting!


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