Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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The Spiritual Perspective, Continued

Reb Gutman Locks at the Kotel
by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

If all that has been said up until now has not been enough to motivate you to help your fellow, then think of this. In the entire world there is really just a single Jew. Just one Jewish person! And each of us has a tiny portion of that one Jewish body. If for no other reason than this (and there are many), that young learned man from my Shabbos table who said that he had no obligation to put tefillin on another Jew should realize that when he neglects to help his fellow Jew put on tefillin, he is in some way neglecting his own tefillin.

We pray every day for the hastening of the redemption. This is not just a beseeching of G-d that He should do what He must in order to bring the redemption. It is a reminder to us that we also must do our share. When we do mitzvahs and help to bring others closer, we are hastening the Moshiach’s arrival.

In every army there are tank drivers and airplane pilots. There are foot soldiers with rifles who stand guard on the front line, and there are scouts traveling clandestinely in enemy territory. In both physical and spiritual wars, all of us are in the army, but not all of us have the merit to drive a tank. Armies also need cooks and jeep drivers, even accountants. To win this war, each of us must use his or her individual skills to help bring the world to its fulfillment. Even if you cannot fly an airplane, you can help by bringing people merit. Each time you draw a person to a mitzvah, not only does it elevate them spiritually, it also protects them physically just as armored jackets protect our foot soldiers. Even the land where that good deed is done will gain spiritually.

There is an additional, and actually an even greater, benefit that comes from bringing others to Torah, and especially to its spiritual teachings. When we show others how to become more spiritual, our spiritual portion also increases. Although this is not the best reason for helping others, still, it certainly happens. As we fulfill G-d’s command to love each other in this most lofty way, we reap the rewards of walking in His pleasure. In the end, you will see that helping others to awaken spiritually is the only sure way to attain your own spiritual goal.

(Original Photo by Akiva - Reb Gutman Locks at the Kotel Tefillin Stand reaching out to a passing father and son.)

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