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Rome, Persia, and Jerusalem

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

The Gemora (Yoma 10a) discusses the coming of Moshiach. But then it notes th the coming will be suddenly delayed 9 months while Edom/Rome (the West/Ameatrica) attacks and conquers Persia (Iran). The Gemora discusses the reason for this, asking... (from memory, exact quote not guaranteed)

How is it that the builders will be destroyed by the destroyers? (Referring to the fact that the Persian king Darius gave permission for the Beis HaMikdash (2nd) to be build, while the Romans destroyed the 2nd Beis HaMikdash, and therefore the Persians have the great merit while the Romans have the great sin.) A few solutions are proposed, but the Gemora finalizes, when it's the will of the King (HaKodesh Baruch Hu, G-d). Meaning this prophecy in the Gemora says it will be, but the holy sages of the Gemora did not know why.

Almost 2,000 years later, the capitalist West and especially the US became a haven for the Jewish people (though they made some serious attempts to avoid it). During World War II, the US stopped the genocide of the Jewish people (again not as their primary goal, and they could have done much more, but they did stop it and care for the survivors.)

The US, almost against it's leaders will, supported the creation of the State of Israel, and gradually increased support, including through several wars, as Israel became a more important pawn in the Cold War.

And thus, it seems to me, the destroyers have gained great merit.

The builders are supporting those who attack and murder Jews, and openly pronounce their desire to annihilate the nation of Israel.

And thus, it seems to me, the builders lose their historical merit.

The navi tells us it begins in Basra, the southern port city and primary oil terminal of Iraq. The Yalkut Shimoni tells us the actions of Iran will make the world shutter in fear, and no one will know where to turn (to Hashem of course!) And the Gemora tells us it will last 9 months.

And other navi'im tell us it starts when the nations vie over Jerusalem, and come to her to divide her up.

And President Bush arrives January 8th.

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Anonymous said...

About the coming of Moshiach.I give a lot of kudos for taking such a road to live by.
All you need to do seach for him. His name is posted as well as where he is living.

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