Monday, December 24, 2007

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In Brief: The Israeli System

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Still on the aliyah topic, in brief, the Israeli system will either make you laugh each day, or slam your head against the wall in agony. (So far, I prefer to laugh.) Fortunately, I came prepared for this, but for most Americans, I recommend bringing a football helmet to reduce the injuries during the head slamming...

- Last week, a bank clerk refused to allow me to open a bank account. The reasoning? She didn't like my tone of voice in responding to her questions (which sounded like an interrogation at Gitmo).

- The National Insurance department hasn't yet determined, after 2 weeks, whether we're really here or not. Standing together in front of them doesn't seem to help.

- On Thursday, at the Dept. of Immigration, I spoke with a woman that wasn't there. While she was there, she insisted that she wasn't there, as she was on vacation. We wished her a good vacation, and asked when she'd have some answers for us and when she wouldn't be there again. She said this coming Wednesday. We're waiting.

- Last week, we went to the local drivers license office, which sent us to the one in Jerusalem with a checklist of steps. Today, the Jerusalem office torn up the list in front of us, told us the provincial office (all of 30 miles away you understand) has no idea what to do, and sent us to an eyeglasses store to get our picture taken (???) and receive the right forms.

So far, I'm still laughing and saying, Thank G-d! My wife, on the other hand, could use that football helmet.

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