Saturday, December 29, 2007

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Aliyah: Help Me, Help Me

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

In America, things generally work. The system works, the rules make sense and, generally speaking, everyone agrees they are fair (more or less). In Israel, the system sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, the rules are often wacko, everyone agrees things are wacky, and everyone gets around it by working with each other rather than the system. For an American, this is a jarring change...

The local school system accepted by girls, but not my boys. (Separate divisions and management.) The girls division was so happy to have us, very helpful in getting us to understand how things work, and assigned a special teacher to assist in language transition for my daughters. The boys school, who shares the same special assistance teacher, just didn't want to talk to us. The principle literally slammed the door in our face, sending us on to a more distant school... Welcome to the neighborhood.

The more distant school sent us back, which didn't make the local principle open the door, now we're dealing with the area administrator and rav. A battle literally over nothing (because he could).

On the positive side, the Ministry of Absorption has decided we are here and clarified our status. Now we can go tell the Department of National Insurance that someone agrees we're here, hurray! In the meantime, our stuff has arrived from the States, but because we didn't know our status, and oh by the way haven't found a place to live yet, it's parked somewhere accumulating waiting fees.

This is definitely the stage of, "Why in the world did I do this? What crazy urge to inflict chaos and instability upon my family came over me???"

Jerusalem apartment hunting is absolutely insane. The market is completely full, with many weathy yidden from abroad having bought summer apartments or second residents or future retirement residents, resulting in the rental market being completely depleted. Truly nowadays one only finds a home in Jerusalem through davening and a blessing from above. In the meantime, a small daily list comes out, and you better call and drive fast, as apartments are usually rented the same day (what, see it first, are you kidding, no time!) [Of course this depends on size, there's more available in the shorter term couple size places, but I need a longer term family sized place. Know of something, email me quick, please!!!]

B"H, it's wonderful to be in Israel. But it's tough to be homeless.

Hey, we got our drivers license forms from the eye glasses shop! Now I just have to go to the doctor to get certified that I'm physically capable of operating a motor vehicle. (Which I can't do because National Insurance hasn't determined I'm here yet, ahhhhhhhhh.)

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  1. B"H
    I sympathise ! I was told that coming through " nefesh ve nefesh " is simpler , because they take charge of every administrative aspect of Alliah . Meanwhile I bless you for revealed miracles in all matters , and soon you will urge us all to come to Israel , because it is so great to live there !!!! I wish you the BEST !!!!


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