Sunday, November 25, 2007

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* It's Time - Jerusalem *

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

It's time, Annapolis is this week, Jerusalem is in grave danger. The words out of the prophets are coming to life as the nations vie to divide Jerusalem.

But, maybe we can make a difference!

1. Daven - Say Tehillim for Jerusalem and united Klal Yisroel!

2. Spiritual Warfare - Say Perek Shira for Jerusalem and a united Klal Yisroel. Here it is (PDF).

3. Physical Actions -

- - If you are a US citizen, contact your Senator and register your demand that the US stop pressuring Israel to commit suicide and divide Jerusalem!

- - The Coordinating Council on Jerusalem is sponsoring an innovative grassroots effort to generate calls to the White House, the State Department and the Israeli Embassy. CCJ is subsidizing both the system and all of the calls, so IT WON'T COST YOU A CENT.

Stand Up, Call Out, and Make a Call for Jerusalem! Click here.

(By clicking the link, you will go to a page of very simply instructions to facilitate your calls. Make your voice heard. Each call is counted as 1000 voters.)


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