Sunday, November 18, 2007

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Conspiracy of Silence or To Silence

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

I am not a conspiracy oriented person. Some see conspiracies everywhere, and find just enough facts to support their perpetual paranoia. Yet, occasionally those with strong viewpoints really are out to get us who don't agree. Sometimes, it's worth consideration.

The article below is by a renounced Israeli conspiracy theorist. I've edited it down to the pertinent points...


November 11, 2007, 03:26:24 PM : I regret to inform you that two sons of Rabbi Kreuser, the Rav of Mitzpe Yericho and the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat HaRa'ayon HaYehudi in Jerusalem, were killed in a fiery car accident on the main highway just outside of Mitzpe Yericho. They will be buried tonight at 12:30 in Har HaMenuchot.

( Four residents of one Negev town were killed in a car crash on Sunday. One of those killed was a soldier; three were children. The accident took place when the truck in which the group was traveling went out of control due to the rain and hit an oncoming bus. Eitan Orenbach, 12, Ahiya Huri, 12, Yishai Kreuser, 13, and Shlomo Kreuser were killed in the accident. Another four passengers were wounded. Shlomo Kreuser served as a captain in the IDF's elite Duchifat unit. He and Yishai Kreuser were both sons of Mitzpe Yericho's rabbi, Rabbi Yehuda Kreuser.

It was no accident. It was murder. Permit me to remind you of a few recent "accidents" killing the families of Israel's religious opposition:

On March 17, Rabbi Avi Cohen-Or, and his wife and daughter, died in their van on an icy road near Hebron...Hardest hit appears to be the Lubavitch community which lost two more last week when a car, stopped at a light, was crushed by a "wayward" truck. The dead included an influential Rebbetzin whose name happened to be Schneerson, the same name as THE Lubavitcher Rebbe who was committed to stopping the "peace" in its tracks...This week's victims, Tviki and Hadassah Stiskin, were the son and daughter-in-law of the rabbi of the Jewish community of Maon, near Hebron...Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg was the first to suffer from an errant car. The car veered off the road and "accidentally" killed his grandson. Rabbi Ginsburg is a /Chabad/ firebrand, arrested after the 1995 Rabin assassination and falsely accused of being an indirect co-conspirator in the assassination. Lately, he established a /yeshivah/, highly unpopular with some "secular" locals, in Ramat Aviv Gimel...The last 'accident' was to the son of Rabbi Mordechai Elon, Refael Yechiel ben Hana, who was seriously injured in a car crash on Monday, January 29. Rabbi Elon's family includes the hapless Margalit Har Shefi, set up to be a 'conspirator' in the Rabin assassination...The Eilat killing ground worked out so well because just six days earlier, a truck driver for reasons unfathomable to his interrogators, switched lanes at the last second and smashed into a van full of prominent Chabad youth. Two of the three dead were the sons of learning institute directors.

And it's not as if the spate of "accidents" has gone totally unnoticed. Here is the first of many letters expressing suspicion of the deadly trend...

"a lot of cars are swerving into oncoming traffic - car check time so many vehicles are doing inexplicable swerving into oncoming trucks. It started with the Chabad boys north of Eilat (who swerved away from and oncoming car and rolled an inexplicable distance) and then Popper in the same general location and the Rabbi of Telem and today's accident is in that same general locations. I think that the cars should be examined. maybe they all use the same mechanic who is selling used parts and lifts them from his customers. but I definitely think the cars in the accidents should be checked for tampering and I also think that since all of the above are authentic right will personalities (the fathers of the Chabad boys in their case), that all authentic right wing personalities should learn how to fix their own engines."

Once again a large vehicle swerved out of its lane, turning a car carrying the children of a religious notable into a fiery grave. ... Their father was the leading Rabbi espousing the thoughts of the thinker Rabbi Meir Kahane, also assassinated. As was his son Binyamin, assassinated in his car with his wife, not coincidentally, on the morning of Israel's first alternative Rabin murder conference. Sixty two bullets were shot at his car, not a one hitting the back seat where his children sat. This was an execution.

Now two adolescent members died, engulfed in fire. And that, was no
coincidence, according to Rabbi Marvin Antelman...

Today, anyone who opposes their peace is a target for flaming engulfment. If that means all of Israel is burnt by missiles, so be it for rejecting their messiahs. They'll be well taken care of even if the country turns to ashes. Nothing would please them more than the climactic joy of witnessing the Jews who wouldn't accept their "truth" sizzling in the rubble of their homes.

At the 1936 World Zionist Conference, Jewish Agency head Chaim Weizmann told the assembled: "Perhaps only 2 million will survive the upcoming Holocaust, but they will be ready for life in Palestine."


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