Sunday, October 28, 2007

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Yoga Questions

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

A reader asked by email:

"If you are a heavy yoga practitioner, these programs may be a great alternative for you to work your way out of such things.

I am not and never was, but the above wasn't clear.

Programs? Alternative? Work your way out of what? Such things?

Our next major post will clear these up thoroughly, but in brief...

A number of yoga systems are being offered to the religious Jewish community. Some are individual teachers, yoga practitioners who have become religious and feel the practices can be taught, just without the Hindu god names. There are also some formalized systems, where some people have made effort to refocus yoga in a more Jewish way. These may be offered through synagogues, Chabad houses, or Jewish Community Centers.

For those who consider yoga a major portion of their life, a kosherized program may provide a good substitute that's less dangerous that straight yoga, providing a path away from the more troubling aspects of yoga. Less dangerous, not "not dangerous".

Note this applies to meditation as well, for those involved in Hindu or Buddist meditation, or Transcendental Meditation. There are kosherized versions of these to allow one to wean oneself away from the non-kosher aspects.

But in both cases, they are not for general use, they are specialized tools for those with major involvement in non-kosher systems, who can't just drop the practice from their lives.

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