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Pushing Forward

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Nava at Dreaming
wrote of an interesting personal insight taught by the AriZal, zt"l...

To know the purpose of why you were sent to this world and what tikun is expected from you, the Vilna Gaon and Arizal, zt"l, wrote that it's possible for each person to know this, according to their Hebrew birthday.

If a person was born 1 Cheshvan, on Tuesday, 1980, he should look what Parsha it was the week he was born. Each Parsha is divided into 7 parts, according to days of the week, Sunday, Monday, etc.. Let's say that week's Parsha was Parshat Noach, go to the 3rd part (Tuesday) of Parshat Noach and read it. From this, you will know what is your tikun in this life.

A person asked about a particular parshah, and I was asked to reply... "If we are dealing with the Va’era portion 3, the parsha teaches that Moshe Rabeinu was reluctant to lead because he was not a good speaker, how does this translate into a person's tikkun? Do we take the pshat and realize that we are supposed to become more assertive and lead in our own lives?"

I wrote...

The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains on this parsha and section - The Ramban
points out that Moshe had already made this complaint (at the burning bush), so why is he repeating it here? The Rebbe explains that at the burning bush, Moshe complained of difficult speech (a heavy mouth and tongue), here Moshe now complains about a more severe problem, "blocked lips", the total inability to speak.

G-d replies, "You should _first_ say all My commands". G-d was not merely telling Moshe to speak, He was promising He would help him speak.

Moshe was a shaliach, an emissary, of G-d, to break the forces of evil which Pharaoh embodied.

How would I translate this into a life lesson (without knowing the details of a person's circumstance)? I would say that when we find ourselves seemingly blocked from moving forward towards the positive, towards Torah and Mitzvot, we must realize that we are emissaries of HaKodesh Baruch Hu in this world, literally a 'kingdom of priests, a holy nation'. Rather than relying on our strengths and our chochma (our own wisdom and calculations), we must trust in the strength of G-d to help us break all barriers and push forward.

And Moshe was the most humble of all men. When, G-d willing, we succeed, we must realize this is was only through the help, gifts and strength of Hashem, and not think for a moment that successes can be attributed to us.

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Anonymous said...

How do you decide your parshah?? Is it the Shabbat before your birthday or after?

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