Thursday, October 18, 2007

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News Tidbits to be Aware Of

by Elisheva's Alerts at Mystical Paths

Israel is determined to move police to a new West Bank headquarters by the end of the year, officials said yesterday, despite US concerns that Israeli development in that particular area near Jerusalem harms prospects for establishing a viable Palestinian state (hah, what a joke, viable???). The United States has blocked past Israeli efforts to develop the 12-square-kilometer area, known as E-1 and located just east of Jerusalem. Development plans envision 3,500 homes, several hotels and an industrial park there, but were frozen at the urging of the US.

The US prevents Israel from developing Jerusalem? Yep.

A large American charity organization has told Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot that it would “review” questions raised about funds channeled to Palestinian non-governmental organizations (NGOs), following a critique by an Israeli NGO watchdog.

NGO Monitor, based in Jerusalem, has recently released a report on donations by the Ford Foundation to a number of Palestinian organizations. In its report, NGO Monitor said the Ford Foundation had “violated its own funding guidelines.”

Ford officials had pledged in the past to stop ‘supporting organizations whose conduct is antithetical to our objectives of promoting peace, justice, tolerance and understanding’. However, ... many Ford-funded (Palestinian and Arab) NGOs continue to violate Ford’s terms,”

A listing of the organizations funded by the Ford Foundation consistently includes those who's purpose includes or is focused upon undermining Judaism as a religion, and destroying Israel as a nation. Henry Ford would be proud.

(News source - ArabNews)

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