Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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Kudos of the Day

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Kudos of the day goes to Member of the Israel Knesset Moshe Sharoni of the Pensioners' Party. MK Sharoni did something very unusual in the context of Israeli politics...

After sitting in the government for over a year that has done nothing for his party (but plenty for his party bosses), he raised a bill in the Knesset that directly served his party constituency. His bill called for an increase in the national pension program to Israeli retirees. Being from the Pensioneers party, one might think this is nothing exceptional.

But, for the nerve of raising a bill for his constituency (and that would affect the budget of Kadima), the ruling coalition has fired him from his Knesset chairmanship and party roll.

Oh, and he also had the nerve to say, ""The government may not talk about dividing Jerusalem. It has no mandate to do so", and threatened to collapse the ruling coalition by pulling out his party. (His party chairman disagreed, saying the government Volvo and salary is more valuable.)

MK Sharoni, yasher koach for trying to serve your constituency and Jerusalem.

(News Source Here - Arutz 7)


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