Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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An Invitation

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

When a korban ho'day'a was brought at the Beis Hamikdash (an offering of thanks), one brought a lamb together with 40 loaves of bread, and small amounts of fine flour, wine, and oil. The loaves were different sizes, from huge (like the challah for the bride & groom at a wedding), of which there were 10, down to matzah-loaves kneaded with oil, flat matzah's smeared with oil, and fine quality small loaves kneaded with oil.

A few parts of the animal were offered on the alter, along with the flour, wine, and oil. The breast and thigh of the animal was given to the kohanim, along with 4 loaves (1 of each type). The offering of loaves and the animal were waved like we wave the lulav on Succot.

Then the person bringing the korban had to take home 36 loaves and 2/3 of the animal, which had to be consumed within Jerusalem by the end of the following day.

So what do you do with a lamb and 36 loaves of bread, 9 of which are huge party size challahs? Naturally, you invite 100 of your closest friends and neighbors to dinner and extol the name of Hashem!

What a sight it must have been to share thanks of Hashem and the blessings of Hashem with 100 friends, just to praise Hashem's blessings!

I sat with my daughter this evening and she told me how rich we are! How we have a full home, what we need and more, and how we're just so well off compared to some of her friends. The only thing it seems we have any trouble with is yeshiva tuition.

Ah my friends, how truly blessed I am. I am not rich in bank balance, and the pile of bills by my keyboard would testify otherwise. My home contents, at least the physical contents (furniture and so forth), well the best that can be said is they are functional.

But my daughter knows what's important, she's not only satisfied with what we have, she's rich with it! As Pirke Avos teaches us, who is rich? He who appreciates what he has!

As I contemplate the challenges with which I am faced, which at the moment offer more, shall we say...opportunity than other times have offered, I must remember - I am rich! For Hashem has granted me many blessings.

And for that, I would like to offer a lamb, 40 loaves, some flour, wine, and oil, and invite you all to dinner to praise Hashem.

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