Thursday, October 25, 2007

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by Akiva at Mystical Paths

** My dentist moved back to America. 15 years in Israel, he up and left. Why? Well, times were tough, dealing with running a small business in Israel is painful, the national medical system started offering dental plans with their own dental network (eating into his business), and he couldn't stand to watch the anti-religious anti-Torah government disassemble Israel piece by piece.

All of the former reasons were difficult, but he'd lived through difficulties in Israel before. The latter, how could he sacrifice to survive in Israel while it's ruling elites seem bent on destroying it?

He lives in Monsey (NY) now, he's happy and comfortable and doesn't worry daily about the next idiotic government move.

** My friend left a Wall Street position about 8 years ago to commit himself to Israel. He settled the land, and made it his mission to promote it and it's products, to make all those there successful.

He didn't cry or worry when the government stopped protecting him, nor when they started strangling business in the area. He didn't loose faith when some friends and neighbors were murdered.

But when they dragged him from his home, and most of the nation stood back and watched without concern, he disengaged mentally from them. And, after the results and the wacko government starting again, he can't stand it anymore. He's headed to Texas for a "time-out".

We have always faces towards Israel for our prayers, and Jews have struggled through the generations to get to and live in Israel. It was never easy, for most generations it would better be described as horribly difficult.

Now, when Israel needs us most, will we disengage? Not to support Medinat Israel, the State of Israel, where secular zionism bound with soviet socialism has devolved into materialism, selfishness, and leaders that feel comfortable selling off their own limbs for the illusionary goal of the moment (and a fatter bank account). No, not to support that, that we should disengage from. But to support Eretz Yisroel and Klal Yisroel, the Holy Land of Israel and the Holy People of Israel.

DESPAIR is a trick of the yetzer hara, the evil inclination. Despair, the leaders are all powerful and destroying what was good. Despair, the enemies are frightening and our defenses in disarray. Despair, that which should be good and strong is preoccupied and confused.

DESPAIR FEEDS AND STRENGTHENS THE ENEMY. We stand with emunah, faith in Hashem, and prepared for mesiras nefesh, self sacrifice, for what is TRULY important.

The glass is half full!


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