Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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Rule of Nations

...Presently, malchus (kingship) and rule are in the hands of the nations. This is the reason they rule over us with the power of malchus they possess. They nurse from the aspect of Malchus...

(Commentary) When the nations have taken control of the malchus and instituted their own religions, cults and statutes, they have subverted Malchus of Holiness and driven it into exile. However, the nations taking control of Malchus can only happen when Malchus is undermined by sin. When a Jew transgresses G-d's will (G-d forbid), intentionally or unintentionally, he is to some extent denying G-d's rule, Malchus of Holiness, and Malchus then comes under the control of the nations.
- (Likutei Mohoran 4.2)

With Rosh Hashanah, we spend a lot of time discussing G-d's malchus, kingship, how he is the King of Kings. Yet here, Rebbe Nachman explains how it can be that we see this high aspect of G-d reflected in the practical function of nations of the world.

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