Thursday, September 06, 2007

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Moshe Cannot Enter!

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

In this portion of the Torah (Deuteronomy 31, Vayeilech), Moshe is about to die. He was not allowed to bring the Children of Israel into the Holy Land. But why couldn’t Moshe enter the Land of Israel? Certainly, no one loved this land more than he did, and who, if anyone, did more to bring the Jewish People there? Surely, he deserved to go up into the land.

We know about the episode when Moshe hit the rock instead of speaking to it, but was that such a great sin? And even if it was, God forgave the Jewish People for the sin of idolatry, so certainly He could forgive Moshe for hitting the rock.

Really, there is a deeper reason as to why Moshe was not allowed to enter the land. When Moshe was with us, we were much stronger; we were a spiritually higher people. Had Moshe brought us up into the land, there would have been such great merit that our eventual exile could not have happened.

We see the same thing much later when King David was not allowed to build the Temple. Some say the reason this privilege was withheld from him was because of all of the blood that he had to shed in his battles throughout his lifetime. But this is not the real reason. The reason he was not allowed to build the Temple was that Hashem knew the Temple was going to be destroyed in the future. Either Hashem would have to destroy the Temple or He would have to destroy the people. Had David built the Temple, its spiritual merit would have been so great that it could not have been destroyed. [v] Then God’s wrath would have had to come against the people instead.

God wants us to have free will. Free will means that whatever we do has to bring similar results back unto us. If we do things that require exile as their repercussions, and if exile was blocked, we would not really have free will. Had Moshe been allowed to bring us up into the land, the spiritual merit of that event would have elevated us to such a level that we could not have been exiled.

We see from this that even terrible things that happen somehow also come for the good.

[v] Midrash also see Sotah 9a

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