Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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It's All Divine Orchestration

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

I was asked to explain Tehillim K'Pital 2, Pasuk 7. Here's what I said...

The translation I have reads, "I am obligated to declare, The Lord said to me, "You are my son, I have this day begotten you". Boy that English style stinks.

(Questioner) What does it mean by "son"?

In Hebrew it reads...

"Adonai amar" - Hashem, commonly translated as "the Lord", "says"
"ay-lie", to me - "b'nee", my son (I would refer to my own child this way, 'this is Shimon 'b'nee', my son)
"ata" - you - "ani" - I - "hayom" - today - "yleedteecha" (compound hebrew word, literally 'gave birth to you')

So, the literal word for word translation is this (and it will sound odd, as hebrew doesn't follow the same word order as english):

King David says ... "declaring by obligation, Hashem said to me, 'my son, you I this day gave birth to you'". Yeah, that helps. (chuckle).

The commentary (Rashi) notes, this is from the day King David was crowned as king. So the understanding is: G-d is telling King David that the circumstances of his becoming king are directly from G-d's intervention in the world for this purpose.

Intervention - meaning, while we believe that literally everything happening in the world is according to G-d's plan and direction, still most happens in that hidden fashion that we call ... nature. It all appears to be on auto-pilot, random circumstance. Things 'just happen to happen', sometimes people 'get lucky' or 'have bad luck.

This is the normal way of the world, and what we see most of the time. In a way, we refer to this also as 'hesder panim', which means 'the hidden face', G-d's presence is hidden, like someone turning away.

Sometimes, we may be fortunate to see and understand that circumstances are clearly arranged and led, and we see 'hashgacha pratit', divine orchestration.

So, on the day of his becoming king, King David said, though the whole circumstances of this happening appear completely random and crazy, I'm obligated to say, this is only by orchestration from G-d.

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