Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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In Case of Emergency

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Israel Homefront Command has come out with an excellent new web site (really). As with any such government emergency preparedness website, they have instructions for appropriate natural disasters, Earthquake, Flood, etc.

But they also have a major flash illustration for preparedness for ROCKET ATTACK. That's right, learn to which room of your home to retreat when under rocket fire. Not the bathroom or kitchen, as even if they're in the most secure location the flying glass and/or ceramic tile won't be good for you.

Now, I fully commend IDF Homefront Command on creating an excellent web site, with English and Arabic editions (though I'm surprised they don't have Russian). However, you have to wonder (and more than that) about a government that tolerates a situation that requires an Emergency Preparedness instruction list that includes:

. Long Range Rocket Attack
. Qassam or Mortar Attack
. Terrorist Attack

and then gets to the standard earthquake, fire, flood. Hashem should have mercy, and the fools of politicians should realize that having mercy on your enemy means not having mercy on your own people. (And the people should realize what their politicians are doing to them!)

Israel Homefront Command Preparedness web site, here. (English)

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