Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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A Hint on Mezuzah

(One of the meanings) The mezuzah (also) represents the divine attribute known as "Rochel". Were it not for the name (of Hashem) Shaddai (inscribed on the back of the mezuzah, that faces outward toward you) facing him as he exits, it would be impossible for a Jew to go out of his house, for the Side of Evil stands to the left of the door. This is alluded to in the acronym of the verse, "Sin crouches at the opening" - which (in Hebrew) is the exact reverse of Rochel. Therefore the name Shaddai is needed to subdue it, as it is written (Iyov 22:25), "And Shaddai (the Almighty) will be your fortress". -- Kav HaYashar 1

(Mezuzah picture from Kever Dovid HaMelech, the holy resting place of King David, Jerusalem, Israel. Click it to enlarge, it's an amazing mezuzah.)


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