Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Findings At The Beis HaMikdash

Renowned archeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar of the Hebrew University, speaking about findings in Jerusalem and at Har HaBayit...

Question: What is the most exciting thing you’ve discovered in your career so far?

Answer: My most exciting find was a personal seal impression one centimeter in diameter from the First Temple period that had the name of a minister who was part of the government of Zedekaya. I found it last year during my excavation in the City of David. His name is mentioned in the book of Jeremiah — he was the one who asked King Zedekaya to kill the prophet Jeremiah because he was telling the people of Jerusalem to surrender to the Babylonians. This is astonishing because it is a direct connection between an archeological find and a biblical document. It reinforces our understanding and appreciation of the bible as an historical source of great authenticity.

Via Smooth Stone, full interview here.


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