Tuesday, September 11, 2007

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Chatter & Rocket Attack

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

News reports state that an IDF training base was hit by a Kassam rocket in the meal tent and close by sleeping quarters. Reports state 60-66 soldiers injured, 40 seriously.

For some time, there's been hints from the mekubalim (kabbalists) that serious events are coming soon. Warnings of preparation for serious war impact, leading to Gog uMagog, have been posted.

Similarly, several friends have pinged me about Israeli military preparations to protect from northern attack. Lets just say, very very serious preparations.

And, suddenly, there is massive speculation about US preparations for a possible attack on Iran. Again, force levels and preparations seem to be at an all time high. And, we had that rather odd story last week about tactical nuclear cruise missiles being mistakenly transported across the US heartland by long-range B52 bomber. I can imagine such a thing being sent on the wrong route, but I can't imagine primed nuclear weapons being accidentally taken out of storage.

I'd go into more, but I think this latest attack news is particularly important. We're on the edge, may Hashem protect us!

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