Monday, August 27, 2007

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by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Someone asked a friend, "What does the Bible or other sources say about UFO's?" (UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, commonly meant to mean a sighting of something in the sky thought to possibly be a spaceship or flying saucer, beyond the capabilities [as far as we know] of human technology, and therefore assumed to be controlled by a non-human intelligence.)

My friend (who I won't identify unless they choose to give explicit permission) sent one interesting answer, and I add two more...

1. In the Holy Zohar it states there are seven Earths, each of which is inhabited by human-like people. In the 17th century Kabbalistic classic Hesed L’Avraham the author, Rabbi Avraham Azulai, zt'l, states that there are 365 different species of creatures in inner earth which are half-human/half-animal, similar to the ancient centaur. In the prayer of Hallel, it says השמים שמים לה', והארץ נתן לבני אדם, Heaven is heaven to HaShem and Earth was given to man. Therefore (based on that pasuk), there could not be UFO's as such.

2. The Holy Zohar speaks of the time of Moshiach, when "1000 tzaddikim will rule 1000 WORLDS". If this is meant literally, then 1000 inhabitable planets exist on which people can live, and will live in the messianic era. It could further mean that there are 1000 planets today that support human life. Historically, this was understood as spiritual worlds or realms, but that was before we had technology to look up and see physical worlds. In this light it's worth noting it's literally just within the last year that astrophysicists have positively identified planets around other stars that lay within the boundaries to have earth-like conditions.

3. Rabbi Bar Tzadok (of KosherTorah.Com) speaks frequently of extraterrestrials, aliens, and intelligences from another world. His special twist is that it doesn't make any difference whether the 'other world' is a distant physical planet or a spiritual level or dimension. Therefore, malachim (angels), shedim (negative spiritual beings), etc, are all extraterrestrials, aka UFOs. Therefore, the question this would raise is, are UFO manifestations a technological manifestation, meaning non-human intelligent life forms living on a different physical planet have created a means of technological transport to our world, or are they a spiritual manifestation generating a temporary physical presence as they enter this world, meaning non-human intelligent energy forms living outside the physical realm and crossing spiritual barriers to this one?

The Gemora discusses INTELLIGENT life from "other places", and concludes that the only intelligent life with free will is humanity. All others would be operating via Divine programming, more what we would consider instinct.

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