Monday, July 09, 2007

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You'd Think It's Satire

Elisheva's Alerts reports...

An Arab has been appointed as Jewish National Fund Director!!! Why write satire? I am fully convinced that there is no level of insanity to which the "enlightened" Israelis will not sink.

( An Israeli Arab has been appointed as a director of the Jewish National Fund, which works to purchase land in Israel for Jewish settlement. A Jerusalem District Court approved the appointment despite an appeal by several members of the JNF's Zionist Executive Committee, who said that the appointment of a non-Jew to a directorship should be discussed by the JNF General Assembly. JNF members were unable to consider the issue while voting, they said, because the assembly was given no personal information about the candidates. Justice Ron Shapiro rejected the appeal, saying that the vote had been conducted according to standard JNF procedure.

The Israeli legal system had previously ruled that the Jewish National Fund, which has been collecting Jewish charity for over 130 years for the explicit purpose of redeeming via purchase land in Israel for settlement by the Jewish people, may NOT discriminate by not permitting non-Jews from buying or renting land in Israel that the JNF has purchased with Jewish charity money from world Jews. Now we see them take the next step, the JNF will now be staffed by non-Jews.

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