Thursday, July 05, 2007

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A Rav & Kabbalist Speaks on Gog uMagog

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

I received this by email...

Dear Friends:

On yud-zayin Tammuz, there was a kinnus of great importance with the respected rav and teacher, Rabbi Mordechai Sheinberger, shlita. The rav is preparing the house of Israel for the forthcoming war with Iran, and it's significance with Gog uMagog.

The rav is preparing the nation of Israel for the expected impact, and there is
an immediate reading for the special house of Israel, as is known to the rabbi and tzadik, the teacher, shlita, and kabbalist who is a master in the powerful writings of the Zohar.

UPDATE: Nava of Dreaming of Moshiach captured these quick notes from the hour long shiur...

The shiur was given on the Hillula of the Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh, zs'l. (The following is from memory of the awesome shiur, not in any specific order.)

The enemies are digging tunnels underground that can reach till Tel Aviv. But we are asleep and this is their intention. Who thought last year rockets would fly into Haifa, Ashkelon, Tzfat? We are asleep and they are planning to finish the 'final solution'. Since Lebanon War II, they have stocked up on plenty of weapons. We are asleep, occupied with politics and scandals...

The war of Gog uMagog will begin very soon, Am Israel doesn't have Achdut. We desperately need unity but the Rav doesn't think it's possible. Therefore, he said that each person individually should break their will for his Rabbi, friends and family and to unite and keep the Mitzvah of ואהבת לרעך כמוך - love your friend as you love yourself.

Gog uMagog must come. How will it come? It will be similar to the way it was in Egypt, when all the nations were forced to go to Egypt for food. This time, all the nations will come to Eretz Israel for food and that's how Gog uMagog will begin... Moshiach will then fight them and win.

HaShem will send clouds for the Rebbes in the diaspora to take them to Eretz Israel. At first, the chassidim will think they can survive without their Rebbes but when reality will sink in, they will cry to HKB'H and then HaShem will also send them clouds, to carry them to Eretz Israel. The Jews that don't have Rebbes, will be first relieved that the Chassidim left but soon, they will be crying too to HKB'H and HaShem will carry them also on clouds to Eretz Israel.
(I think clouds are meant in a spiritual way, not literal. There will be an awaking...)

The stick of Moshe Rabbenu, zs'l, will soon be found. It's the same stick that he used for hitting the rock and its shape is the letter Vav. Moshe is Roshei Tevot for מטט שר הפנים - Matat, Minister of Interior. Matat is the Malach from the Kedusha.

The whole world will flood and Eretz Israel will be like Noah's ark, floating on top.

If necessary, Rabbanim will announce a 3 day fast for Am Israel to cry to HKB'H to annul all decrees, just as Mordechai HaTzaddik and Esther HaMalka, zs'l, did. It is not a safe time for Am Israel.

We are in the last stages of Ikva De'Meshicah, footsteps of Moshiach. If you want to survive, do as much chesed as possible.

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