Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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IDF On The Edge

by Aharon Hoffman at Mystical Paths

YNetNews Reports: 'Barak cares about Israel's security, Olmert doesn't'
Aides to defense minister slam prime minister after government rejects Barak's demand to increase defense budget by NIS 7 billion...

Earlier Sunday, the government rejected a proposal issued by Barak to add NIS 7 billion (about $1.6 billion) to next year's defense budget... Olmert rebuffed claims that any failures during the Second Lebanon War had anything to do with budgetary difficulties.

"We've been through a difficult experience. There were many failings, but most of them aren't related to budgetary reasons. The attempt to depict the situation in that manner is disturbing," Olmert said...

Barak reportedly listed five points he vehemently refused to back down from: No cutbacks on training exercises, increasing troop numbers, maintaining the necessary stockpiles and preserving the IDF's strategic capabilities and long reach of its arm. ..

According to a Barak aide, "We did not plan to get into a clash, but this is what happened eventually, because Ehud Olmert chose to play a political game." ...

There is an unreported subtext here. I have it on good authority from one of my sources that the Israeli General Staff has told BOTH the Israeli prime minister and Syrian representatives that if Syria or Iran attack, it is the General Staff that will decide on when and how to strike back, what targets and how "disproportionate" the response will be. They have cut the PM out of the loop should war erupt because he did not resign after the last conflict. The strategy includes: decapitation strikes, strategic warfare against the entire industrial and military capability of the attacking country.

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