Tuesday, July 03, 2007

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The Hidden Dynamic

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Lets be straight and practical for a moment. Doctors are committing terrorism in England, and the Palestinians have received the most aide per person in the existence of history. This is not a battle of poverty, or personal circumstance.

Aide is now flowing once again into Gaza, because we can't let the population suffer just because they voted in evil. We must prevent them from suffering a result from their actions.

So much aide is about to flow into the PLO / Fatah / whatever you want to call them (just don't call them the good guys), something like over $700 per person, that they don't even have enough structure in place to actually use it! (Though of course the people won't actually see it.)

Oh the poor 'strangled' Palestinian economy, oh what to do? These people have exactly 2 economic models...

#1 - Work for the Jews. There is no local Palestinian economy, no particular natural resources, no abundant farm land, no local industry of any size. Beyond some limited agriculture (olives, vegetables to Israel & Jordan) and base components for cement, there simply is no economy. So, they live by labor, used to be farm hands, killed too many farmers for that to continue, and construction. That's it. Local is better (meaning, work IN THE JEWISH SETTLEMENTS), easy to get to.

#2 - World aide. The Palestinians are the #1 aide destination, by a factor of 20 times more than the nearest, in the world. Yet it never seems to make it down to the people! That doesn't stop the world from giving though, actually just seems to make them try harder and give more!

That's it. The complete structure of 'Palestine', economy, water, electricity, it all comes from...the Jews.

So the world gives money to the leaders, who disappear it or filter it to the terror groups (actually both), and the people suffer. Then the world screams at Israel, STOP BUILDING, stop settlements, get out, and when Israel does, the Palestinian people suffer more! Since that's their sole economic opportunity!

Everything the world has done, has made the situation WORSE for the Palestinian people! Every step the world has forced Israel to make, has made the situation WORSE for the Palestinian people. Every dollar the world has given has COST the Palestinian people money!

You might think I'm spewing propaganda, if so I encourage you to go look up some facts of the Palestinian economy and world donations. Further, look it up for the past 120 years, and you'll directly see that the Holy Land flourishes through the Jews, and withers with their departure. As history shows, for over a thousand years the population did not exceed 150,000. When the Jews began returning around 1850, the population started to grow, the land started to flourish, and a supporting Arab population came to provide supporting labor.

Liberals, if you want to help these people, stop throwing money and support at their corrupt thuggish leaders.

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