Friday, July 20, 2007

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HaAri HaKodesh, zt"l

08-29-Israel-- 021.08-29-Israel-- 033

Aug-21 072

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Tonight is the yaretzheit, the hilula, the day of the elevation of the great and holy Ari, the Holy Lion, HaRav HaMekubal Rabbi & Kabbalist Yitzchok Luria, zt"l. The great and holy Ari Zal opened doors that were closed, revealed secrets that elevate us, resolved questions that were asked, and set the patterns that those who follow the mystical traditions follow to this day.

His holy resting place, accessible to this day in the mystical city of Tzfat (Safed) down the mountain and via an incredible number of steps, reads...

According to the words of the Ari Zal
It's good accept upon oneself to love
every person of Israel before praying
and to say this with a full heart,

"I hearby accept upon myself the positive mitzvah
of loving your friend as oneself, and I also love
every person of of Israel like my own soul."

Nearby, the mikvah he used continues to bubble up out of the rocks in the middle of the mountain. It's said of the Ari's Mikvah, which is freezing cold year round, one who toivels in it will not leave this world without doing teshuvah.

Full Ari Slideshow - or Photoset

Music exerpt, Reb Gideon of Tzfat, Mikveh Ari CD, which can only be purchased from Reb Gideon in front of the Mikveh Ari in Tzfat.

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