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Continuation: 5769 Guaranteed Geula

by Nava at Mystical Paths

Continuation of 5769 Guaranteed Geula

Gedaliah commented: "It states that 5769 is not the 3rd time but rather the 12th time. Birkat HaChamah only occurs on Yom Revi'i (Wednesday), that is part of the definition from the Gemara Brachot 59b."

Gedalia, you are right, Birkat HaChama fell 11 times since the creation on 14 Nissan and the last one will be 5769.

The Rav wrote this about 200 years ago, didn't he know about the additional 10 times the Birkat Hachama fell on 14 Nissan? My husband and I pondered over this for a while. My husband suggests that the reason the Rav only mentions 2 Birkat Hachama out of the 11 is because they both are connected to great miracles.
(1) The miracle of being redeemed from Egypt, and;
(2) The miracle of Purim.
The other 9 times that Birkat Hachama fell out of 14 Nissan, no miracles were mentioned.

Birkat Hachama prior to being redeemed from Egypt was Nissan 14, 2447 and the following year Nissan 15, 2448 at midnight Am Israel left Egypt. This explains why Am Israel left Egypt very sudden and quick.
Birkat Hachama prior to the miracle of Purim was Nissan 14, and Rashi, zs'l, writes that the following year, in Adar, the miracle occurred.
From here we learn that both these Birkat Hachama were connected to redemption, and both occurred less than 13 months later.

In the dream Prophet Devorah Shining Sun, the song of Devorah HaNevia, a'h, says ... וְאֹהֲבָיו כְּצֵאת הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ - HaShem's Lovers are like the sun when goes forth in might".

The Malach said החוט המשולש לא במהרה ינתק - The triangular thread will not quickly be disconnected. It was said in reference to the third and final Blessing on the Sun. The third and final time we will bless the sun, Birkat HaChama on 14 of Nissan is in the year 5769, and we will see tremendeous miracles, Amen ve Amen.

Thank you Gedalia for being persistant and correcting my error. You did good!!!

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  1. 2446/28=87,35
    and it cannot be a year before birkat Hachama

    Aharon, Paris

  2. B"H
    Briat HaOlam was the year 1 ...


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