Thursday, July 26, 2007

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by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths
I would caution you about the word guaranteed!

In any event we should have simple faith that whenever He arrives, it is good for us! We need not make and chesbon/calculation! And we are warned not to! We need just to trust that all is from Hashem and all is good for us, no matter how it looks from our prospective view points.

The last possible moment for Moshiach, as stated in the Holy Zohar, "The time of the Resurrection of the dead" has to start at least 210, as there is a moloket of 4 years whether it is 214 years before or 210, before the year 6000. 6000-210= 5790, we are currently entering the 7Th year in the shmitah cycle 5768 "there will be war". 5769 is the 8th year as the gemorah states "in the 8th year Ben Dovid comes".

And it is because these dates line up that I caution you strongly, there another 22 years (at most) for him to be revealed. And we need 40 years prior to have gibus galios, 40 years of ingathering of the exiles. So we are 18 years into the ingathering, almost 1/2 the way. We are closer than we ever have been.

I ask please again, please come home and ease the suffering of all the Jews and the world. Make a statement of complete faith and just come home. There is still a lot to happen and we can sweeten all of it with our complete emunah. There is nothing to fear. We have a bad example of what happens when we do not believe. "Our complete history almost is record of failure."

After the chorban rishon we were told to stay and rebuild the land and were told that we would have blessing. But no, we knew better, we killed the Governor and fled to Egypt and our doom! Do we now we stay in the U.S. and the West because we do not believe that Hashem can take care of us? WE think we are in control of our lives but we are sadly mistaken. Again our foolish pride causes us to fall victim to our sekel, thus we are doomed to repeat our failures.

"Wake up and trust in Hashem.".

Shalom - Reb Nati

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