Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Beware... Check Your Shoes

by Nava at Mystical Paths

You buy a new pair of shoes, and you seem to be satisfied with them. Before entering your foot into the new shoe, be aware... Many Israelis are finding inside the shoes torn pages from holy Torah scrolls.
A resident in Yerushalayim, Chana, bought a new pair of shoes and after a few days the shoe fell apart. She took the new shoes to the shoemaker. When the shoemaker opened the bottom sole of the shoe, Chana and the shoemaker were shocked. Underneath the insole torn pages from the Torah scrolls were hidden inside.

Another Israeli also encountered this earth shattering discovery, "I saw the Torah scrolls inside the heel of the shoe and went into shock, I couldn't breathe. My wife purchased these shoes 2 months ago and when they started falling apart, I was angry that the shoes are of such poor quality and got ruined so quickly. But now, we are in a state of shock what was found inside the shoe. We are both heartbroken that my wife walked stepped daily on holy Torah scrolls."

The shoemaker says it's not the first time he has seen this. It's happening a lot lately, r'l, "I find holy scrolls from Megillat Esther, Sefer Nechemia. Everytime I disassemble these kind of shoes, I find torn pages from our holy books inside the insole".

When examining the sources of these shoes, it was found that they are manufactured in Arab factories and the torn pages of Holy books are placed purposely under the insole. It's obvious that it's done with intention because if needed, torn papers from newspapers can be placed inside, to add that extra comfort.

"There are days that I open one shoe after another and find torn pages of holy Sefarim," says the Yerushalayim shoemaker, " They purposely choose to put inside the shoe pages of our holy Sefarim. There is no doubt in my mind that it is intentional".

If you purchased shoes in Israel, please go to a shoemaker and have your shoes inspected. Make sure that you are not stepping on torn pages of holy Sefarim.

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