Friday, June 22, 2007

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We Want Moshiach Now, Or Not.

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

We Want Moshiach Now,
We Want Moshiach Now,
We Want Moshiach Now,
We Don't Want To Wait!

- a common Chabad song popularized by the Rebbe.

A chat I had with another blogger today, who was responding to my IM status tag, "We Want Moshiach Now!"...

B: Silly Akiva. The Moshiach is in his ohel [wink].

me: Don't be nasty now, are you saying you don't want Moshiach?

B: Not really, no.

me: Or you prefer he tarry?

B: I'm not in to kings. I'd prefer a president Moshiach. I'd vote for him [smile]. Just don't think I'd swear eternal allegiance.

B: Kings tend to go bad. Human kings make me nervous. If that's what he is per the Rambam, we can wait.

me: So you're an anarchist, authority is bad?

B: Unchecked authority is bad. I'd vote for a president Moshiach. I do want Moshiach, just not a human king.

me: Yes, but you hold by the Rambam, who says that's exactly what he will be.

B: Which is why I'm in no rush for him to get here. I'd prefer the Rambam be wrong.

(The picture shows the previous president of Israel.)

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